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“In order to succeed you need to see yourself as a brand and invest in marketing that brand better and more vigorously than everyone else. It also helps if you have the right people representing your brand” – G. Stella (CEO – Employment Link) Screening

Almost everyone who has something to sell, understands the principle of advertising what it is that they want to sell.

Job seekers, who effectively have skills and services to sell, spend time and money purchasing newspapers and browsing internet sites looking for adverts and opportunities that match their skill set and experience. 

Conversely, employers, who are effectively looking to “purchase” skills and expertise advertise for suitable candidates, at great expense, hoping to find individuals that demonstrate a matching skill-set.

At Employment link, we saw this as a complete failure of understanding the natural market forces that govern traditional sales practice.
By reversing the recruitment process, we enable job seekers to reach a far wider market for their skills and experience, whilst at the same time, reducing the cost of recruitment to employers, thereby enabling employers to recruit more individuals or to offer better salaries aimed at procuring better skills and expertise.

We have created the first reverse recruitment platform in South Africa and are offering prospective employers free unlimited access to our database of candidates There are no recruitment charges levied at any stage of the process, and no fees are billed on appointment of a candidate.
Our database consists of candidates who have taken the initiative to market themselves at their own expense. These candidates have effectively taken the first step in offering their potential future employers an immediate benefit and a tremendous cost saving.
By doing so, it becomes obvious that they exhibit pro-active attitudes coupled with a keen sense of purpose, commitment and belief in their value to the market.

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